BERGLUFT or translated literally as: “mountain air” is a synonym for the bands passion for life and music. BERGLUFT is THE After-Wiesn Party band during the Oktoberfest period in Munich playing till the sun rises in the famous Löwenbräukeller once the tents are closed.

You don’t believe us? Then watch this video….Nacht der Trachten – Official start of the Oktoberfest season in Munich.

Bergluft performing from 18th to the 22nd October.


Gerry & Gary with their USED underwear

The international Munich Oktoberfest band (with appearances in Havanna, Ibiza, St Moritz to name a few) will be the headlining performance. The band (which includes 6 musicians) have been playing since 2003 in the world famous Käfer’s Wies’n Schänke at the Oktoberfest in Munich on the 1st floor known as the “sky of celebrities”. The Käfer tent is favoured and attended by all popular Oktoberfest celebrities such as: Usein Bolt and Bayern Munich etc…

Garry and Garry performing from 5th to the 15th October

Gerry & Gary with their USED underwear>