General Info

Do you have a cloakroom?

Yes, there is a cloakroom at the reception. We charge a small fee of £1 per item.

Can I bring my own food?

No, customers’ own food and drinks cannot be brought to the event. However, you can order from the table or buy at the bar.

What are the opening hours?

See Ticket section.

Is there an ATM at the venue?

No but there is one at the 02 arena.

What is the minimum age to attend the event?

The minimum age limit to enter the festival is 18. However we are working on a specific family day. Once a family day is introduced the minimum age level will change for this specific date.

Proof of age

This is an 18+ event. Your Driving License or Passport will be required on entry as proof of ID.

Please note we are unable to accept ANY other form of ID, so please ensure you have these in good time, prior to the event.

There will be no entry to those under 18, or those without sufficient ID. Refunds are not valid for ticket holders refused entry on ground of age or insufficient of ID.

Do I need to wear Lederhosen/ Dirndl?

It’s definitely more fun to come in Lederhosen/ Dirndl- but its not compulsory.


Is not allowed inside the tent.


Toilets will be available on site.

Will the performers offer the same show everyday?

No everyday is different!

Who are the event organisers?

BJP and Hamburg Events are two German based event agencies who have been running Oktoberfest events for Erdinger Weissbraeu since over 10 years in Germany and abroad.


Search policy

The safety and well-being of our guests is at the forefront of our priorities. Stringent searches will be conducted upon entry to the event. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the event and passed over to the Police as a result.

Illicit and illegal items include:

Fireworks, flares and high power torches

Illicit drugs, legal highs or nitrous oxide

Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon


CCTV is in operation inside and outside the tent.

Zero tolerance policy

Neither anti-social nor illegal behaviour will be tolerated and participants will leave themselves liable for eviction from the event.


Do I need to buy a ticket to come to the event?

YES, this is a ticketing event only. 

Where can I buy tickets from?

We are working together with Ticketmaster who are offering all tickets to the event. But you can also buy tickets onsite. We will have a ticket office at the venue. 

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be attached to your confirmation email (as a PDF document) for you to print at home and bring with you. The postal delivery is also possible. Please note the delivery times at the Ticketmaster Website. Please note, during busy periods it can take up to 24 hours for your confirmation email to arrive.

I can no longer make it to this event, can I exchange my tickets for another event?
Unfortunately not. We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges unless the event is cancelled, postponed or their is a significant change to content.


No re-entry is possible. When leaving the site, a new entry ticket is needed for new access to the event site.


How big are the beers?

A stein is 1 litre (large) and half a stein is 0.5l (small), simple huh?

How much is a beer?

A large beer costs £11.90 and a small beer costs £6.50. With your first beer you will be asked to pay a £2 deposit for the glass.

How do I get my £2 deposit back?

Along with your first beer you get a token. When you return this with the glass, you’ll get your 2GBP deposit back at any bar. At the end of the night we open our deposit station at the bottom of the exit ramp, where everyone can return their steins. Make sure you don’t lose your deposit coin, as it lets us know that the stein wasn’t stolen.

What drinks do you sell besides beer?

We also sell wine, champagne, soft drinks and German aperitif.

For any queries, please Contact The Erdinger Oktoberfest Team London